Ryan Kwanten: Kwanten Leap

There’s more to the True Blood himbo than meets the naked eye — including a wild new role, a younger gay brother, and a surprisingly humble outlook on acting.



You appeared in the play as Boyd, a bisexual angel from the Radio City Christmas Spectacular who gets abducted by a troubled gay man. Did you view that as a risky gig?
No. If the story’s right with the right people behind it, it makes sense to me. I’m not going to limit the roles I play based on who that character is.

There’s been buzz that you’re in talks to star opposite Daniel Radcliffe in a gay-themed film, My Fair Lidy.
This is the first I’ve heard of that rumor. People tell me about more and more things I’m supposedly doing every day. No, I’m not even aware of that project, to be honest.

Let’s talk True Blood. With the exception of Jason, all the major male characters were involved in homoerotic action last season. Did you feel left out?
Well, there are more seasons to come, so there’s still many an opportunity. I’m sure Alan Ball’s concocting some road to take Jason down that he’s never been down before.

Philadelphia Eagles player Todd Herremans famously tweeted about last season’s “barrage of homosexuality,” which raised the question of whether or not True Blood had gotten “too gay.” Is that even possible?
We’ve pushed the boundaries on many fronts, and that’s what people like. Just like our show has made vampires a mainstream force to be reckoned with, it’s forcing people to take note of serious issues, but in such a smart, visceral way.

And like silver to vampires, the gay content repels uncool, closed-minded viewers.
But it can also open up those guys and make them think, which is the best part. You don’t want to shove them out, because there’s something in there for everyone.

Your True Blood costar Stephen Moyer recently auctioned off his “modesty sock” for charity. Would you auction off your penis pouch for a gay charity like The Trevor Project?
Well, I’ve gone through more than one, so there might be a couple out there. I’ll have to speak to Audrey, our wardrobe designer, and see if she can track one down. There’s quite a collection, actually—one for every mood.

You wrote an upcoming satirical self-help book, The G-Strategy. Any chance the G stands for gay?
It’s stands for whatever you want it to, Brandon. That’s the beauty of it.
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