Ashley Fink Knows What Boys Like

Glee’s newest heavy hitter — and Chris Colfer’s date to the Golden Globes — responds to Rosie O’Donnell’s recent complaints about her plus-sized character.



ASHLEY FINK 02 XLRG (KATE ROMERO) | ADVOCATE.COMGlee stars a lot of skinny girls and guys with visible abs. What’s craft services like?
There is a lot of brown rice and avocado. [Laughs] Look, I’m not going to out any of those girls, but I see some of them eating bagels on the regular. I hear about other sets where actresses are paid not to eat, but Glee’s not that way at all. We can all get down. I’ve actually been losing weight because I’m working 12 hours a day, dancing my ass off.

Lauren is currently making Puck work hard to woo her, which means that you have the challenge of acting like the sexy Mark Salling isn’t rocking your world.
And that bitch is making it so difficult on me. He’s adorable. Our favorite thing is to make each other laugh when we’re not supposed to. When he was doing “Fat Bottomed Girls,” I’m going through all these emotions — I’m uncomfortable, everyone’s staring, I love him, but he’s singing about my butt — and he was being such a dork, trying so hard to make me laugh. He does not make my life easy.

Lauren said her “seven minutes in heaven” with Puck were more like “three minutes I’ll never get back.” But in reality, I’m guessing that was good stuff, right?
Yeah. It’s so awkward when you’re making out in front of cameras and getting direction, but I do have to say that out of all my onscreen love interests, Mark is the best kisser. I will give you that, lady.

Because Lauren pictured the glee club in their underwear during “I Know What Boys Like,” your gay fans scored a few heavenly minutes of their own.
You’re welcome. I’m taking one for the team, kissing Mark Salling and getting everyone half-naked for America. I’m a giver. Yeah, that day was grueling. I was like, If I have to see any more flesh today, I don’t know what I’m going to with myself.

Did you share Lauren’s nerves during your solo debut?
No, it was fun. I fuckin’ loved it. Honestly, I had to sing my face off in my auditions before I even got on the show, because they never really know where you’re going to end up. When Ryan was like, “You’re going to be singing in this episode” — I had no idea because we hadn’t gotten the whole script yet — I just thought “I Know What Boys Like” was the perfect song. Lauren clearly does know, because boys like confidence and integrity. And the fact there’s now a Glee song on iTunes with my name next to it? What the hell?

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