WATCH: 10 Here TV Shows That Changed Our View of LGBT Life

As America's only LGBT-focused TV network unveils its new paid YouTube channel, we revisit 10 original programs that changed the scope of LGBT life on the small screen.



5. The Lair

The straights have always had the vampiric exploits of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Twilight to give them some romantic bite. But The Lair provided plenty of bloodsucking and slaying for the gay male set, with a touch of leather and muscle to boot.

But behind the show's "fang-banging" appeal, The Lair also unfolded an intricate story about unsolved murders, a myserious orchid that intoxicates those in its presence, and a male gorgon who wreaks havoc in a small island town.

Also, it's no secret that the show roughly took place in the same universe as another Here TV horror series — Dante's Cove.



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