Gay Business Apt2B Needs LGBT Votes This Month
August 13 2012 4:00 AM ET

Gay Business Apt2B Needs LGBT Votes This Month

Diane Anderson-Minshall

Mat Herman, the owner of Apt2B in Los Angeles, wants that "Most Inventive Award' from Daily Candy.

Police Arrest Chick fil A Graffiti Vandal
August 10 2012 4:20 PM ET

Chick-fil-A Graffiti Vandal Arrested

Lauren Jow

The West Hollywood artist who claimed responsibility for painting “Tastes Like Hate” on a Torrance, Calif., Chick-fil-A has been arrested, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Dallas Officer Under Investigation For Chick fil A Intimidation
August 09 2012 8:40 PM ET

Dallas Officer Under Investigation For Chick-fil-A Intimidation

Daniel Reynolds

A Dallas police sergeant is under investigation after bringing a Chick-fil-A sandwich back to the station — and allegedly making inappropriate comments to two lesbian police officers about the purc

Activists Urge Berenstain Bears to Dump Chick fil A
August 09 2012 6:38 PM ET

Petition: No Berenstain Bears at Chick-fil-A

Daniel Reynolds

HarperCollins, publisher of the popular Berenstain Bears children’s books, is being pressured to sever ties with Chick-fil-A due to its president’s controversial comments against same-sex marr

Financial Planner Outlines the Pro and Con of Gay Marriage for Your Finances
August 09 2012 4:00 AM ET

The Pro and Con of Gay Marriage for Your Finances

David Rae

When it comes to making your union official, certified financial planner David Rae says there are financial reasons it sometimes makes sense to wait for federal recognition of your marriage.

Chicago Gay Group and Cardinal Enter Chick fil A Battle
August 03 2012 2:49 PM ET

Whose 'Chicago Values'? Gay Group, Cardinal Join in Chick-fil-A Fray

Trudy Ring

A Windy City gay organization files a discrimination claim against the company, while the local Catholic archbishop uses the controversy to rail against 'gender-free marriage.'

Graffiti Says Chicken Tastes Like Hate
August 03 2012 1:51 PM ET August 03 2012 4:10 PM ET

Mmm — Chicken 'Tastes Like Hate,' Says Graffiti

Trudy Ring

A Chick-fil-A in Torrance, Calif., was vandalized overnight with graffiti saying its food 'Tastes Like Hate.'

Activists Hold Kiss-in Day to Protest Chick-fil-A
August 03 2012 8:59 AM ET

Kiss-In: The View Today Outside Chick-fil-A


See photos from a kiss-in today to protest Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy’s vocal opposition to marriage equality via millions in donations.

Cake Shop Owner Says He Would Rather Close Than Sell to Gay Couple for Wedding
August 02 2012 6:40 PM ET

Owner Says He'd Close Before Selling Wedding Cake to Gay Couple

Lucas Grindley

The owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop says he's rather close than sell a cake to a gay c

August 02 2012 2:33 PM ET

The Abbey Invents a Chick-fil-Gay Sandwich

View at LAist

The famed Los Angeles bar has a new item on its menu, and the revenue heads toward equality groups.

Meet the Antigay Customers at Chick-fil-A
August 02 2012 1:53 PM ET

WATCH: Meet the Antigay Customers at Chick-fil-A

Lucas Grindley

Chick-fil-A declares it had a record day Wednesday as a result of Mike Huckabee's call for an "Appreciation Day." But the experience has left some gay and lesbian employees with a bad taste.

Gay CEO Takes Company From MIT to TV
August 02 2012 5:00 AM ET

Gay CEO Takes Company From MIT to TV

David Duran

In our partnership with StartOut, we regularly invite the group to highlight an LGBT entrepreneur. Meet the young MIT graduate who is revolutionizing what you watch.

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