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Columnist Blames Slowing Sales at JCPenney on Gay Inclusiveness
June 10 2012 12:41 PM ET

Is Being Pro-Gay Hurting JCPenney's Sales?

Lucas Grindley

A nationally-syndicated columnist is blaming JCPenney's new CEO Ron Johnson for his publicly inclusive attitude toward LGBT people as part of the reason for slowing sales.

Chevy Volt Comes Out as Electric in New Ad
June 06 2012 4:31 PM ET

Chevy Volt Comes Out

JC Penney Includes Gay Dads in June Mailer
June 01 2012 7:21 PM ET

JC Penney Includes Gay Dads for Father's Day

Trudy Ring

The JC Penney June advertising booklet features a real-life gay couple and their children.

Exxon Mobil Votes Overwhelmingly Against Protecting LGBT Employees
May 30 2012 8:01 PM ET

ExxonMobil Has a Resounding No for Its LGBT Employees

Lucas Grindley

Some 80% of shareholders voted against adding sexual orientation and gender identity to the company's anti-discrimination policy.

LA Gay Piano Bar Closes to Make Room for Sports Bar
May 29 2012 3:21 PM ET

Trading Elton for Kobe

Michelle Garcia

Owners of a long-standing gay piano bar in Silver Lake, an east-side neighborhood in Los Angeles, announced that their establishment will close at the end of June, and that the location will be tur

Dallas Morning News Editors Want ExxonMobil to Protect LGBT Workers
May 24 2012 7:54 PM ET

Dallas's Largest Newspaper Urges ExxonMobil to Protect LGBT Employees

Neal Broverman

Evolve, the Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper says to ExxonMobil.

Will ExxonMobil Finally Protect its LGBT Workers?
May 22 2012 3:16 PM ET

Will ExxonMobil Finally Protect its LGBT Workers?

Michelle Garcia

Shareholders and leaders of ExxonMobil, recently named to the top position on the Fortune 500, has continuously voted against introducing LGBT-inclusive antidiscrimination policies. Will that finally change this May?

Antigay Corporation Exxon Mobil Tops Fortune 500
May 08 2012 12:08 PM ET

Antigay Exxon Mobil Tops Fortune 500

Michelle Garcia

One of the least gay-friendly workplaces in the U.S. ranks as the largest corporation. ----   

Oped Why We Still Need a Fully Inclusive ENDA
April 27 2012 4:00 AM ET

Op-ed: Why We Still Need a Fully Inclusive ENDA 

Advocate Contributors

An EEOC ruling recently added protection from discrimination for transgender people in the workplace, but does that mean federal legislation isn’t needed?

Oped Choosing the Safest Path to ENDA
April 24 2012 4:00 AM ET

Op-ed: Choosing the Safest Path to ENDA

Advocate Contributors

When the president decided not to sign an executive order banning discrimination against LGBT people by federal contractors, he might have thought further ahead than some activists.

Jewish Group Presses Obama on Executive Order
April 22 2012 5:20 PM ET

Jewish Group Presses Obama on Executive Order

Neal Broverman

Leaders in Judaism's Reform movement apply pressure.