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Chick fil A COO Dan Cathy Officially Comes Out as Antigay
July 17 2012 2:57 PM ET

Chick-fil-A Antigay? 'Guilty as Charged'

Michelle Garcia

In a new interview, the restaurant chain's chief operating officer has it coming out as anti-marriage equality.

Target Offers Customers Same Sex Themed Greeting Cards
July 16 2012 5:11 PM ET

Target Expands Gay-Themed Products With Greeting Cards

Neal Broverman

Following up on its recent decision to sell equality-minded T-shirts that benefit a gay rights group, Target is now selling cards for same-sex weddings.

Fewer Gays and Lesbians Own Homes But Why
July 09 2012 7:09 PM ET

Fewer Gays and Lesbians Own Homes, But Why? Editors

Gays and lesbians own homes at a lower rate than straight people, but it doesn't have to be that way. Here's how to buy.

What Out CEO Ramona Pierson Says Can Only Be Learned From Experience
July 05 2012 11:11 AM ET

Venture Out: What This CEO Says Can Only Be Learned From Experience

David Duran

In our partnership with StartOut, we regularly invite them to highlight an LGBT entrepreneur. Meet the founder of Pierson Labs, who just won’t give up.

Chick-Fil-A Donates $2 Mil to Antigay Groups
July 02 2012 1:01 PM ET

Chick-Fil-A Donates $2 Mil to Antigay Groups in One Year

Michelle Garcia

An analysis of charitable donations by Chick-Fil-A shows the fast-food chain gave nearly $2 million to antigay groups in 2010.

Sears Shows Its Support for Gay Pride
June 29 2012 4:18 PM ET

Sears Shows Its Support for Gay Pride

View at Joe My God

Trans Workplace Rights Still Murky
June 22 2012 3:19 PM ET

Trans Workplace Rights Still Murky

Diane Anderson-Minshall

Nine out of 10 Americans mistakenly believe that there is a federal law that prohibits employers from firing someone because the individual is gay or transgender, according to

The Trulia List of 20 Affordable Gayborhoods
June 22 2012 5:00 AM ET

20 Affordable Gayborhoods Editors

Living in a gayborhood doesn't have to be expensive.

Study Finds Gayborhoods for Variety of Budgets
June 16 2012 7:20 PM ET

Study: Gayborhoods for Many Budgets

Trudy Ring

San Francisco's Castro still claims a huge concentration of gay residents, but there are LGBT-friendly areas with lower housing prices, according to a real estate analysis.

Send a Little Gay Couple With Your Text
June 15 2012 8:05 PM ET

Send a Little Gay Couple With Your Text

Trudy Ring

Apple will have gay-couple icons in its new iPad and iPhone software.