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40 Under 40: YouTube Couples Translate Same-Sex Love, #NoFilter
July 28 2014 10:00 AM ET

YouTube Couples Translate Same-Sex Love, #NoFilter

Daniel Reynolds

The Networkers: Meet Bria Kam & Chrissy Chambers and Will Shepherd & R.J. Aguiar, two same-sex couples using social media to show America what our love looks like.

Antigay Bakery Happy to Provide Ex-Gay Cakes to Ministry
July 24 2014 3:15 PM ET

Get a Taste of Antigay Bakery's Ex-Gay Cakes

Daniel Reynolds

Sweet Cakes by Melissa, an Oregon bakery that refuses to bake cakes for same-sex couples, throws its frosting behind an ex-gay ministry.

Don't Look a Gift Unicorn In the Mouth
July 22 2014 8:32 AM ET

Don't Look a Gift Unicorn In the Mouth

Frank Lowe

Commercials featuring gay families are slowly staring to multiply, but it seems not all gay people are embracing them. Do we focus on the negative instead of the positive?

Is Chick-fil-A Like Gay Sex?
July 21 2014 5:12 PM ET

Is Chick-fil-A Like Gay Sex?

Rebecca Juro

Lesbian pundit Sally Kohn makes a hilariously satirical analogy.

The Benefits of Ownership
July 15 2014 3:02 PM ET

The Benefits of Ownership Editors

In this episode of the Money Minute, we explore why now might be a good time to think about buying a home.

Ohio Lesbian Couple Challenges City's Definition of Family
July 11 2014 2:10 PM ET

Ohio Lesbian Couple Challenges City's Definition of Family

Sunnivie Brydum

When Melody Mohn was told her partner, Hela Young, wasn't eligible to be included on her city pool's family pass, she took action.

WATCH: Cabbie Kicks Out Gay Iraq Vet for Kissing
July 09 2014 2:16 PM ET

WATCH: Cabbie Kicks Out Gay Iraq Vet for Kissing

Sunnivie Brydum

An incident on Independence Day in Tacoma, Wash., has a gay veteran of the Iraq war seeing red.

Op-ed: Is Burger King Being Hypocritical With LGBT Marketing?
July 09 2014 7:00 AM ET

Op-ed: Is Burger King's Pride Campaign Hypocritical?

Parker Marie Molloy

Yes, the "Proud Whopper" ad was nice, but if Burger King's corporate policies aren't actually LGBT-inclusive, is the company just paying lip service?

BREAKING: ACLU, NCLR, and More Groups Drop Support of ENDA
July 08 2014 4:23 PM ET July 09 2014 1:47 PM ET

More LGBT Groups Drop Support for ENDA; What Now?

Michelle Garcia

The ACLU is one of a handful of organizations that say they will also drop support for the current version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

WATCH: Apple's Feel-Good Rainbow Pride, Feat. CEO Tim Cook
July 08 2014 4:20 PM ET

WATCH: Apple's Feel-Good Rainbow Pride

Daniel Reynolds

'Inclusion inspires innovation,' read the video's tagline underneath a reimagined rainbow Apple logo.

Op-ed: Why One of the Biggest LGBT Orgs Has Stopped Supporting ENDA
July 08 2014 12:02 PM ET

Op-ed: Why The Task Force Stopped Supporting ENDA

Rea Carey

Has the Hobby Lobby ruling compromised the strength of ENDA?

Study: LGBT Info on Resume Means Fewer Responses
July 05 2014 6:07 AM ET

Study: LGBT Info on Resume Means Fewer Responses

Trudy Ring

In the study, two fake résumés were sent to employers, and the applicant with a history of LGBT activism got fewer responses despite listing more qualifications.