In Business, The Advocate brings readers the latest news regarding developments in the LGBT business world. Find out the happenings of gay business leaders that are moving the Invisible Hand in the United States and around the world like Apple's Tim Cook, American Eagle's Robert Hanson, and 3M Unitek's Mary Jo Abler. Learn tips from the pros about managing the business affairs of day-to-day life for the present and future. Prepare for retirement and learn how changing laws regarding same-sex marriage, partnership, and adoption affects financial planning.
Baker Under Investigation for Denying Wedding Cake to Lesbian Couple

Baker Investigated for Denying Wedding Cake to Lesbians

Did a baker owner break the law in Oregon?

Want to Live in Grey Gardens? You Can Now

Want to Live in Grey Gardens? You Can Now

Big and Little Edie wouldn't recognize their former home anymore.

Reachably: The Next Level of Social Sharing

Reachably: The Next Level of Social Sharing

In our partnership with StartOut, we regularly invite the group to highlight an LGBT entrepreneur. Here’s a way to get more out of social media.

Not So Fast: Chick-fil-A Hasn't Ended All Questionable Giving

Not So Fast: Chick-fil-A's Questionable Giving Isn't Over

The fast food chain is highlighting the fact it stopped giving to a host of antigay groups. But some organizations remain that were considered questionable in the past.

Boeing Reverses Course, Will Offer Gay Spouses Survivor Benefits

Reversal: Boeing Agrees to Add Benefit for Gay Spouses

The aircraft giant, with extensive operations in Washington State, had resisted granting the benefits despite the state's new marriage equality law.

What Makes Tacoma Rock

What Makes Tacoma the Nation's Gayest City

The out executive chef of one of Tacoma's best restaurants tells us why his city is indeed the gayest in the nation.

Bank Executive Questions Discrimination and Gets Fired

Bank Executive Questions Discrimination, Gets Fired

A gay bank employee in Texas is suing his local branch after years of unequal treatment and eventually being fired based on his sexual orientation.

Bank of America Settles Antigay Discrimination Claim With HUD

Bank of America Settles Antigay Discrimination Claim With HUD

The nation's department of Housing and Urban Development has taken its first action against a lender for denying a lesbian couple a mortgage.

Transforming LGBT Purchasing

Transforming LGBT Purchasing

A new business initiative called OSL Holdings has grand ambitions to change spending habits among African-Americans, Latinos, women, and gays. OSL wants to connect the dots between minority shoppers and the companies that support them; their hope is to also communicate to major companies that marketing to these groups is profitable, and to provide tools to corporations to see if they're reaching such people.

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