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WATCH: Sprint Sends Customer Email to 'Gay Sissyboy'

WATCH: Sprint Sends Customer Email to 'Gay Sissyboy'

The telecommunications company acknowledged its error, and apologized for sending an email addressed to 'Sissyboy Kelvin Gay Matthews.'

Cleveland Cabbies Refuse to Drive Gay Games Taxis

Cleveland Cabbies Refuse to Drive Gay Games Taxis

A handful of taxi drivers say their religious beliefs are the reason they don't want to drive cabs with Gay Games ads.

Mozilla Names Interim CEO

Huckabee, Perkins Slam Chick-fil-A CEO Over Marriage Backtrack

WATCH: Huckabee, Perkins Slam Chick-fil-A CEO 

Two conservative figures say that conservative business leaders like Dan Cathy are being bullied into being silent on their political leanings.

OKCupid CEO Apologizes for Supporting Antigay Candidate

OKCupid CEO Sorry for Supporting Antigay Lawmaker

Sam Yagan apologized for donating to a candidate with antigay views, but said that decade-old donation doesn't compare to former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich's support of Proposition 8.

Right Wing Rushes to Former Mozilla CEO's Defense

Right Wing Rushes to Former Mozilla CEO's Defense

Two days after Brendan Eich resigned from his brief tenure as CEO of Mozilla, right-wing pundits eagerly claimed that the ouster was symbolic of the radical, anti-Christian homosexual agenda.

Honey Maid Creates Brilliant Response to Haters of Gay-Inclusive Ad

WATCH: Honey Maid's Brilliant Reply to Antigay Haters

After receiving messages from homophobes who blasted Honey Maid for including gay families in its new ad campaign, the graham cracker brand responded with a brilliant video.

BREAKING: Mozilla CEO Resigns
April 03 2014 7:08 PM ET

Mozilla CEO Resigns

Brendan Eich steps down as CEO of Mozilla after complaints that his antigay views were untenable to a progressive organization.

OKCupid Unblocks Firefox

OKCupid Unblocks Firefox

OKCupid took down its protest of Firefox Wednesday, and activists are left wondering what happened.

Chick-fil-A's CEO Now Wiser on Marriage Equality Debate

Chick-fil-A's CEO Wiser on Marriage Equality Debate

Dan Cathy says his opinions on marriage haven't changed, he's just learned to keep them to himself.

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