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N.Y. Wedding Venue Now Claims 'Targeting' by Lesbian Couple
June 30 2015 8:14 PM ET

Wedding Venue Now Claims 'Targeting' by Lesbian Couple

The owners of Liberty Ridge Farm, in appealing a discrimination verdict, say they were set up by the couple. Not so, the women respond.

Trans Woman Who Expanded Facebook's Gender Options Banned For Not Using 'Real Name'

The Transphobic Irony of Facebook's 'Real Name' Policy

The former Facebook employee blasted the social network for standing by its 'real name' policy, which disproportionately targets transgender users.

Brands Back Equality To Lure LGBT Dollars Over The Rainbow

For Big Businesses, The Color Of Money Is Now A Rainbow

Even before Friday's ruling by the Supreme Court, corporate marketers jumped on the marriage equality bandwagon.

Australian Catholic Church Warns Pro-Marriage Companies

Australian Catholic Church Warns Pro-Marriage Companies

The Catholic Church in Australia tells companies of its 'gravely concern' that they supported marriage equality in recent newspaper advertisements.

Why Is the Face of Marriage Equality So White?

Why Is the Face of Marriage Equality So White?

Necessary But Dangerous: After SCOTUS rules on marriage equality, we'll want to celebrate, but will advertising campaigns make room for people of color in our happy ending?

This Video Will Give You All the Feels — and Hope for the Future!
June 22 2015 6:22 PM ET

This Video Will Make You Smile, Cry, & Hope for the Future!

Shot at an actual wedding, the video features children and gay teens who describe, in their words, what their wedding day will be like.

IBM, Sparring With Antigay Jindal, Cancels Louisiana Event

Sparring with Antigay Jindal, IBM Cancels Louisiana Event

IBM will not be hosting a ribbon-cutting for their new Baton Rouge office, thanks to the governor's discriminatory executive order.

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