Aug Sept 2016
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Gaysayer's Top Twitter Comedians of 2012

Gaysayer's Top Twitter Comedians of 2012

The best way to tell a Twitter comedian that you love them is to retweet their jokes to your followers. It’s no secret that Gaysayer loves a lot of LGBT friendly comedians (we’re slutty for inclusive comedy). In our first year, we tweeted jokes by more than 600 comedians.

To celebrate our first anniversary, we’ve compiled a list of jokes from our five most addictive Gaysayer comedians (and some honorable mentions). Here are the most retweeted comedians of 2012.

Number 5: Mary Charlene




Number 4: Jenny Johnson




Number 3: Zackary Ross



Number 2: God



And the Number 1, most tweeted Gaysayer comedian of 2012… Nick Stadler




Our "honorable mentions" who round out the top 10 comedians on Gaysayer:







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