#TBT: From the Weird to the Scary — Gay Bar Ads, 1969

See how far we have come since the days of bars called "The Closet."



Granted, the times were scary. Gay bars in Los Angeles still went through periodic shakedowns by the police. There were secret codes, like a song change or the lights flashing, to let you know to find a female partner to dance with. Female impersonation was still illegal in some areas, although performing in drag was not. Compared to now, 1969 was still the dark ages of gay.



A drunken grabby-handed clown. Sure, I'm up for that, but only if they serve brunch.

Wait. Is this a bar for leather queens into show tunes? If so, I'm there!

A great place to run into that cute guy from accounting, your high school vice-principal, or maybe even your dad.

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