#TBT: From the Weird to the Scary — Gay Bar Ads, 1969

See how far we have come since the days of bars called "The Closet."

BY Christopher Harrity

May 15 2014 4:00 AM ET

Granted, the times were scary. Gay bars in Los Angeles still went through periodic shakedowns by the police. There were secret codes, like a song change or the lights flashing, to let you know to find a female partner to dance with. Female impersonation was still illegal in some areas, although performing in drag was not. Compared to now, 1969 was still the dark ages of gay.



A drunken grabby-handed clown. Sure, I'm up for that, but only if they serve brunch.

Wait. Is this a bar for leather queens into show tunes? If so, I'm there!

A great place to run into that cute guy from accounting, your high school vice-principal, or maybe even your dad.

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