Op-ed: How I Married 110 Same-Sex Couples

One secular celebrant's path to marrying more than 100 same-sex couples in New Mexico.



When the ceremony ended, I let the county clerk know of my secular services as a humanist celebrant, and went to the line of those waiting for licenses. Pushing through my reticence, I let folks know there would be a secular option as well as a religious one, if they preferred. At first I was rather shy and apologetic, but the immediate, buoyant response was heartening. Couples were able to choose what made them most comfortable. If I was the only option, that was OK too. Religion didn’t enter the conversation, but we all believed in love.

As we made happy plans for those getting a license, one woman waiting in line to submit a completed form said she wished she and her partner had known I was there. That was all I needed to hear. I stayed for the rest of the day, until the office closed late and the last of 15 marriages was registered.