Radical feminist activist, blogger, and attorney Cathy Brennan claims a San Francisco writer 'maligned' her in an online post about MichFest, lesbians, and trans women.

August 27 2015 8:12 PM Updated

After an investigation spanning six weeks, The Advocate reveals how those few voices arguing against gender transition are finding followers.

July 17 2015 11:35 AM Updated

Is masculinity innate, or is it just an act?

2:11 PM

L'lerrét Jazelle Ailith wowed audiences with her powerful participation in Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word. We spoke with the trans youth advocate to learn more about her activism and getting to work with her hero.

October 19 2014 5:18 AM

When The New Yorker took a look at the tension between transgender women and radical feminists, one writer says the examination was unfair.

August 05 2014 5:00 AM