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Katherine Waterston & Vanessa Kirby Meet in Fiery World to Come Clip 

Vanessa Kirby and Katherine Waterston

There's a slow and persistent burn that occurs in Mona Fastvold’s The World to Come. The upcoming period piece stars Katherine Waterston (Alien: Covenant) as Abigail and Vanessa Kirby (The Crown) as Tallie, women battling the harsh elements of 19th-century New York State who find solace and a whole lot more in one another. 

The official synopsis reads:

“In this powerful 19th-century romance set in the American Northeast, Abigail (Katherine Waterston), a farmer’s wife, and her new neighbor Tallie (Vanessa Kirby) find themselves irrevocably drawn to each other. A grieving Abigail tends to her withdrawn husband Dyer (Casey Affleck) as free-spirit Tallie bristles at the jealous control of her husband Finney (Christopher Abbott), when together their intimacy begins to fill a void in each other's lives they never knew existed.”

In this exclusive clip from the film ahead of the Sundance premiere, Abigail's new neighbor Tallie arrives at her doorstep one day in search of stimulation and companionship. Their chemistry won't be denied; it's palpable beginning with their introductory meeting. 

Fastvold has previously directed 2014’s The Sleepwalker, and she wrote the Natalie Portman starrer Vox Lux.

The World to Come is in theaters February 12 and out on digital March 2.

Tags: film, Women, Feminism

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