What Gravity

What Gravity?

Mario Godiva Green has become the American ambassador for a new workout tool that promises to get your on your feet and off the ground.

The New Sixty Saying Yes to the Truth

The New 60

Psychotherapist and Advocate columnist Robert Levithan looks back on his life experiences and finds the journey to personal truth can be complicated and rewarding.

Living the Questions Disclosing HIV Status

Living the Questions

Nearly three years to the day after finding out he was HIV-positive, Advocate contributor Tyler Helms wonders when it's the right time to tell someone you have HIV.

Robert Levithan The New Sixty Newly Single

The New 60: Newly Single

Though gay culture might consider being 60 and single as some sign of failure, Advocate columnist Robert Levithan says he's looking forward to his next "great love."

New Sixty I Live With an Over Educated Bitch

The New 60: In Dog Years

Advocate columnist Robert Levithan remembers providing in his will for his yellow Lab Knickerbocker when he thought he might die of AIDS before the dog. Now he's enjoying life with a new blond ... "an overeducated bitch."

The Advocates: Best in Snow

Shape with with winter sports, melt way extra pounds, beware overtraining

The Advocates: Row and Grow

The Advocates: Row and Grow

Scrawny to brawny, simple weight loss, fitness gift suggestion

Status Update

Status Update

Gay umpire Dave Pallone on staying safe

The Advocates: Tread Lightly

Common running injuries, crucial stretching, alcohol calories

The Advocates: Glute Camp

The Advocates: Glute Camp

A better butt, grading the workout videos

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