Marriage Equality

Read the latest news about marriage equality victories and the continuing fight for gays and lesbians to have the right to marry around the world. See the most recent updates on this international, national, regional, and state-by-state issue, which has been hotly contested by conservatives and far-right religious organizations. Learn about the straight allies who have been advocating for same-sex marriage in the spheres of society, entertainment, and politics, as well as the various opponents of marriage equality who seek to impede the progress of the LGBT rights movement.

Another mural has emerged from Ireland's master of the art form, Joe Caslin — this time depicting to women in love days before Ireland's marriage vote.

May 19 2015 7:37 PM

Three days out from Ireland's referendum on same-sex marriage, Mary McAleese gives a moving and eloquent speech on why all Irish voters should vote yes Friday.

May 19 2015 7:29 PM

A legislative committee tabled the antigay bill indefinitely, but Gov. Bobby Jindal says he'll issue an executive order to accomplish its goals.

May 19 2015 5:07 PM

In a new campaign for an antigay Irish organization, two men who say they are gay explain their reasons for voting against marriage equality in Ireland.

May 18 2015 8:25 PM

A new Reuters poll shows promising GOP support for the nuptials of loved ones marrying a same-sex partner.

May 18 2015 6:53 PM

'We need to be stalwart supporters of traditional marriage' no matter how the Supreme Court rules, Bush tells CBN's David Brody.

May 18 2015 6:08 PM

Yesterday proved RBG is the most gay-friendly Supreme Court justice ever.

May 18 2015 3:40 PM