Men Plead Guilty in Cruise Ship Arrest



The two men who were arrested by police in Dominica after being spotted having sex on a gay cruise have pleaded guilty, and the cruise ship operator says the debacle has nothing to do with their sexual orientation.

The Associated Press reports that John Robert Hart and Dennis Jay Mayer pleaded guilty Thursday to "indecent exposure," paid a nearly $900 fine, and then headed to the airport.

Rich Campbell, president of Atlantis Events, which operated the cruise aboard the Celebrity Summit ship, took to Facebook to shoot down any suggestion that the men were arrested because it's illegal for men to have sex with each other in Dominica.

Campbell said the two men "were seen engaging in a sexual act outdoors on their balcony in full public view of the port and town. Not only did many of the residents witness the act, several of our guests saw this incident as well." Campbell said police responded to complaints from residents.

Campbell said Atlantis ensured that a cruise line representative was with them throughout the ordeal. But he said the situation wasn't a result of their being gay.

"Please understand that the complaint and subsequent arrests had nothing to do with the guests’ sexual orientation, nor was any 'anti-gay' law invoked," he wrote to Facebook followers who he said had their facts incorrect. "These guests were engaged in behavior that is inappropriate in any port of call, or major city for that matter."

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