St. Petersburg Official: Madonna Will Be Fined for Propaganda



A Russian official warned that if Madonna does indeed speak out against an antigay law recently passed in St. Petersburg banning the dissemination of "gay propaganda," she and concert promoters could face a fine of up to 500,000 rubles, or US$16,700.  

Last week the pop icon said she would speak out against the new law when she performs in St. Petersburg in August. The propaganda law was passed by the city legislature in St. Petersburg and approved by its governor on March 7.

Some have pressed tourists and celebrities to boycott the city, but Madonna has said that instead of canceling her tour date, she will defy the law. However St. Petersburg assembly member Vitaly Milonov, who authored the law, said he would "personally suffer a couple of hours of her concert" to monitor her statements, according to Think Progress.

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