Arrests After Accusation Lobbed at Two Men Accused of Fondling

The men face deportation for allegedly hooking up in a car.



Two young men were sentenced to three months in prison in the United Arab Emirates after a woman accused them of fondling each other in a car.

The men, whose names aren't being released, allegedly hooked up in a car near Jumeirah Beach. A 48-year-old woman who found the car "suspicious" began tailing the vehicle, which initially moved upon seeing her. When the woman caught up with the car, she claims she saw the men fondling each other, though conflicting reports exist on what exactly the 27-year-old and the 32-year-old were doing. Now, the men will not only face jail time but will be deported to their home nations of the Phillipines and Oman.

The United Arab Emirates has strict limits on public displays of affection. A gay group cautioned people to be as discreet as possible when it comes to PDAs. But it seems that gays are even being targeted at private events — on May 9, a group of mostly gay men were arrested at a private party. Read more here.

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