Activists Say TV Debate Was Game-Changer for Marriage in Australia



Penny Wong
Penny Wong

An honest moment from a TV news show is being shared online, spiking traffic to LGBT websites, and activists say it could be the game changer needed to bring marriage equality to Australia.

Finance Minister Penny Wong, a lesbian who is known for her direct answers, appeared alongside treasurer Joe Hockey on Q&A. An audience member asked Hockey why he opposes same-sex marriage. He said it's because he's a parent and wants the "very best" for them.

Wong at first conceded there might be nothing she could say to effectively change his mind. So instead she defender her own family. Wong has a partner and a child.

"When you say those things, Joe, what you're saying to not just me but people like me is that the most important thing in our lives, which is the people we love, is somehow less good, less valued," Wong said.

Wong told the interviewer that Hockey's comments hurt her. Then she said something that The Age reports is now being printed on T-shirts: "I know what my family is worth."

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