PHOTOS: Marriage Equality, One Year Later, Marked at NYC Pride

Sunday marked the first anniversary of the passage of the marriage equality law in New York. Pride marchers celebrated with a party, by reflecting on the year’s achievements, and by setting a to-do list.



Opposition appeared scarce during the march, with a small protest at 21st Street. Two men from the Jewish Political Action Committee, which protested the implementation of the law last year, displayed signs that warned same-sex marriages and civil unions would lead to humans marrying animals. White wedding veils adorned a large stuffed giraffe and dog (pictured above).

Polling indicates that a majority of New Yorkers approve of the marriage equality law, where a Quinnipiac University survey last month found that voters supported the issue by 54% to 37%, slightly ahead of national trends. Opponents continue to challenge the measure with calls for a referendum, which appears highly unlikely, and a lawsuit in state court over procedures used to expedite the passage of the bill in the legislature.

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