Hollywood Lawyers Apologize For Sex Abuse Claim, But Not to Bryan Singer

Lawyers for Accuser of X-Men Director Recant, Apologize

They once represented the man who accused some of the top names in Hollywood of sexual abuse. Now, they claim it was a mistake.

Excerpt: YouTube's Joey Graceffa Goes Offline In Real Life

Excerpt: YouTube's Joey Graceffa Goes Offline In Real Life

Life looks easy for this out 24-year-old YouTube star, but an excerpt from his new memoir shows his reality is no walk in the park.

Ugandan Lesbian Covers Time: 'We Are Here to Stay'

Ugandan Lesbian Covers Time: 'We Are Here to Stay'

A leading Ugandan activist fighting for LGBT rights takes a powerful stance on the cover of Time magazine’s Europe edition.

Sarah Palin: Lena Dunham Is a 'Pedophile,' as Perverted as Josh Duggar

Palin: Lena Dunham As Perverted As Josh Duggar

The former vice-presidential candidate attacked the Girls star on Facebook in response to the media attention over the 19 Kids and Counting controversy.

WATCH: Gay High School Valedictorian Gets to Make His Speech on Nightly Show

WATCH: Gay Valedictorian Gives Speech on National TV 

Comedy Central honored Evan Young, who was silenced and outed by his principal when he tried to come out at commencement.

WATCH: The LGBT History of DC Comics

WATCH: The LGBT History of DC Comics

The Advocate and DC Entertainment team up for a look back at the history of LGBT characters in the pages of DC Comics.

Vanity Fair Writer Reveals His Common Ground with Caitlyn Jenner

What the Vanity Fair Author Has in Common with Jenner

He's the writer behind the cover photo of Caitlyn Jenner, and they share a common bond: a love of sports, and women's clothing.

Cambodia Gets Its First LGBT Magazine

First LGBT Magazine in Cambodia Debuts 

A French-born editor with American and Canadian roots seeks to entertain, inform, and bring greater visibility to Cambodia's LGBT community.

5 Most Disappointing Things We Learned About HRC's 'White Men's Club'

5 Disappointing Findings About HRC's 'White Men's Club'

A new internal diversity report reveals the Human Rights Campaign has a sexist work environment where only 'gay, white, male' employees advance into leadership positions.

19 Questions With the Gay Journalist Who Brought Down the Duggars

19 Questions With the Gay Journo Who Destroyed the Duggars

Rick Egusquiza, the West Coast editor of In Touch, uncovered the molestation scandal among the anti-LGBT 19 Kids and Counting family. We, of course, had 19 questions for him.

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