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Church Cancels Man's Funeral Because He Was Gay
August 08 2014 1:59 PM ET

Church Cancels Man's Funeral Because He Was Gay

Michelle Garcia

The man's family was forced to move his funeral with 24 hours notice after officials at the church hosting the event realized he was gay.

Op-ed: Why Antigone Rising and the Head of GLAAD Won't Be at Michfest
August 08 2014 7:05 AM ET

Op-ed: Why Antigone Rising and GLAAD's Leader Skip Michfest

Sarah Kate Ellis and Kristen Henderson

While transgender women become increasingly visible, there is one place where the promise of shared womanhood does not include them.

WATCH: Does Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Love Tony Perkins?
August 07 2014 6:25 PM ET

WATCH: Does Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Love Tony Perkins?

Rebecca Juro

In the past two years, Kelly has featured the noted homophobe more than all other Fox News hosts combined.

Colorado Gay Bar Told It Violated Civil Rights Law By Turning Away Man in Drag
August 07 2014 4:55 PM ET

Gay Bar Violated State Law By Turning Away Man in Drag

Parker Marie Molloy

Nearly a year after being refused entrance to a popular Denver gay bar, a state regulatory agency has ruled in favor of 27-year-old Vito Marzano.

Bay Area Councilwoman Seeks Reelection Despite Relentless Antigay Attacks
August 07 2014 4:00 PM ET

Bay Area Councilwoman Endures Despite Relentless Antigay Attacks

Daniel Reynolds

The vice mayor of Richmond, Calif. fields weekly verbal attacks due to her sexual orientation and race, but carries on in public service.

Antigay Activist: Ebola Could Wipe Out LGBT People
August 07 2014 2:51 PM ET

Antigay Activist: Ebola Could Wipe Out LGBT People

Trudy Ring

First Rick Wiles speculated about President Obama intentionally spreading the virus; then he said Ebola 'could solve America's problems.'

Man Caught In Homophobic Rant on Video, Claims 'Religious Principles'
August 07 2014 12:26 PM ET

Antigay Rant Caught on Video, Man Claims 'Religious Principles'

Michelle Garcia

A man unabashedly calls a gay man a slur, cites Leviticus, and says he will pray for him in the parking lot of a restaurant.

WATCH: Laverne Cox Joins Forces With Activist Convicted on 'Walking While Trans'
August 07 2014 11:30 AM ET

Laverne Cox Teams Up Against 'Walking While Trans' Law

Parker Marie Molloy

Monica Jones was found guilty on prostitution charges after accepting a ride from an undercover police officer.

Appellate Judge: Sky Hasn't Fallen Due to Marriage Equality
August 06 2014 7:59 PM ET

Appellate Judge: Sky Hasn't Fallen Due to Marriage Equality

Trudy Ring

That statement came from one of three judges who today heard appeals in marriage equality cases from four states.

Texas Lawmakers: Marriage Equality Could Lead to Polygamy, Incest
August 06 2014 3:05 PM ET

Texas Lawmakers Admit Marriage Equality, Incest Link Is Illogical

Trudy Ring

The legislators made the argument in a brief urging a federal appeals court to uphold the state's ban on same-sex marriage.

WATCH: Mom and Young Trans Daughter Debunk Gender Roles Together
August 06 2014 1:55 PM ET

WATCH: Mom and Trans Daughter Show 'How To Be A Girl'

Mitch Kellaway

Marlo and her 6-year-old transgender daughter combine cartoons and conversation to take a serious look about what it means to become a woman.