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Court Saves Gay Filipino Immigrant From Deportation

Court Saves Gay Immigrant From Deportation

A federal appeals court ruled to not deport a gay Filipino immigrant, who may face persecution if returned to his native country.

Stoli Responds to LGBT Boycott Of Russian Products

Stoli Responds to LGBT Boycott

The SPI Group, which owns Stolichnaya Vodka, responds to a recent boycott promoted by Dan Savage and other LGBT activists.

Library of Congress Acquires Papers of Gay Pioneer Lilli Vincenz

Library of Congress Acquires Lesbian Pioneer's Papers

Lilli Vincenz, who recorded many of the significant events of the LGBT rights movement, donated her papers to the nation's oldest cultural institution.

Russian Church Leaders Say Gays are Causing the Apocalypse

Patriarch Kirill I of Moscow, leader of the Russian Orthodox church, says that same-sex marriage is going to trigger the end of the world.

Former Ex-Gay Supporter Apologizes to LGBT Community

Former Ex-Gay Staffer Apologizes to LGBT Community

Randy Thomas, formerly of Exodus International, issued a public apology for the damage he caused many people over the years he supported the ex-gay movement.

 WATCH: Ted Cruz Claims LGBT Activists Will Charge Pastors With Hate Speech

 WATCH: Ted Cruz Claims Gay Agenda Will Charge Pastors With Hate Speech

The republican senator from Texas says supporters of LGBT equality will soon attempt to charge Christian pastors with hate speech for preaching from the Bible.

Pro-Equality Democrat Enters Georgia Senate Race

Will Georgia Get a Pro-Equality Senator? 

On Tuesday, Michelle Nunn announced she will run for U.S. Senate in the 2014, and outlined her stance on marriage equality.

Russia: Tourists Arrested, Orthodox Priest Says Marriage Equality Signals 'Apocalypse'

Russian Orthodox Priest Says Marriage Equality Signals 'Apocalypse'

In Russia, it gets worse for LGBT people — even those just visiting the country.

Scalia: Judges Not Qualified to Legislate 'Homosexual Sodomy'

Scalia: Judges Not Qualified to Legislate 'Homosexual Sodomy'

The infamously cantankerous senior-most justice on the Supreme Court offered his unfiltered opinion to a collection of lawyers in Aspen, Colo. this weekend.

WATCH: Ken Cuccinelli Still Abhors the 'Personal Challenge of Homosexuality'

Ken Cuccinelli Abhors 'Personal Challenge of Homosexuality'

The republican attorney general and Virginia gubernatorial hopeful continues to dig in his heels on his antigay arguments.

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