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Virginia Gov. Won't Defend Marriage Ban in Court
January 28 2014 1:21 PM ET

Virginia Gov. Won't Defend Marriage Ban in Court

Michelle Garcia

Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe says he will not appoint special counsel to defend his state's constitutional ban on same-sex marriage in federal court Thursday.

Op-ed: Embracing Transgender Women
January 28 2014 12:30 PM ET

Op-ed: Embracing Transgender Women

Liz Alexander

Why ignoring the differences between cisgender black women and transgender black women will lead to a less misogynist, less racist, less transphobic society.

Op-ed: Black, Gay, American — It's Complicated
January 28 2014 5:00 AM ET

Op-ed: Black, Gay, American — It's Complicated

Michelle Garcia

Rob Smith enlisted in the Army for a way out of his small town, but ended up becoming a prominent voice among LGBT enlisted soldiers of color.

Report: Knights of Columbus Spends Millions to Fight LGBT Rights
January 28 2014 5:00 AM ET

Knights of Columbus Spend Millions Fighting LGBT Rights

Michael O'Loughlin

The Catholic fraternal organization, tasked with promoting charity and unity, appears to be greatly focused on fighting marriage equality and other LGBT causes.

Indiana Anti-Marriage Equality Amendment Gets a Setback
January 27 2014 7:23 PM ET

Indiana Anti-Marriage Equality Amendment Gets a Setback

Trudy Ring

A change in the measure's language, approved by the state House today, would doom the amendment if the Senate takes similar action.

25 of the Most Hateful Tweets About Same-Sex Weddings at the Grammys
January 27 2014 3:17 PM ET

25 of the Most Hateful Tweets About the Gayest Grammys Ever

Jase Peeples

Antigay bigots flocked to Twitter to spew antigay hate after the Grammys made history by featuring the weddings of 33 gay and straight couples during Macklemore's performance of 'Same Love.'

'Share a Coke' — Unless You're Gay
January 27 2014 2:57 PM ET

'Share a Coke' — Unless You're Gay

Sunnivie Brydum

The beverage manufacturer and Sochi Olympics sponsor is in hot water for a social media tool that appears to deny the existence of several pro-gay words.

Dr. V's Partner Speaks Out, Believes Grantland 90% to Blame in Timing of Suicide
January 27 2014 2:52 PM ET

Dr. V's Partner Speaks Out, Blames Grantland for Timing of Suicide

Parker Marie Molloy

An Arizona reporter was able to speak with Gerri Jordan, business partner of Essay Anne Vanderbilt. Jordan's humanizing account of Vanderbilt's final months answers old questions while creating new ones.

Indiana Lawmaker's Gay Son Speaks Out on Dad's Anti-Equality Vote
January 27 2014 2:37 PM ET

Ind. Lawmaker's Gay Son Speaks on Dad's Anti-Equality Vote 

Trudy Ring

'I'm terribly disappointed in his decision and beliefs,' Chris Smith says of his father's vote against marriage equality in Indiana.

Gay Celeb Will Sit With Michelle Obama During State of the Union
January 27 2014 6:00 AM ET

First Lady Invites Jason Collins for State of the Union

Lucas Grindley

President Obama gives his next State of the Union address on Tuesday.