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Desmond Tutu 'Would Not Worship a Homophobic God'

Desmond Tutu 'Would Not Worship a Homophobic God'

The former archbishop compared the struggle for LGBT equality to South Africa's battle to end apartheid.

Anti-Abortion Group Protests Penn. Same-Sex Marriages

Anti-Abortion Group Protests Penn. Same-Sex Marriages

The right-wing group wants the register of wills in Montgomery County to be arrested for issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples despite a law prohibiting such unions in Pennsylvania.

Don't Bother Boycotting Vodka, Says Russian LGBT Activist

Don't Bother Boycotting Vodka, Says Russian Activist

A prominent LGBT activist in Russia says a proposed boycott on Russian vodka won't have any impact on antigay attitudes in the country.

Group Holds Launch Rally For New Jersey Marriage Equality

Group Holds Launch Rally For NJ Marriage Equality

New Jersey United for Marriage held its launch rally this week in Asbury Park, attracting around 200 demonstrators in support of marriage equality.

Target Accused of Indirectly Funding Antigay Candidate
July 25 2013 9:12 PM ET

Target's Donations to Both Democrats and Republicans Questioned

The retail giant has thrown its funds behind both of the governors associations for Republicans and Democrats, and that's raised hackles of some.

Proposed Bill Seeks to 'Restore Honor' to Gay Veterans

Congress Seeks to 'Restore Honor' to Gay Veterans

Representatives Mark Pocan and Charlie Rangel introduced the 'Restore Honor to Service Members Act,' which would assist thousands of service members discharged for their sexual orientation.

Court Saves Gay Filipino Immigrant From Deportation

Court Saves Gay Immigrant From Deportation

A federal appeals court ruled to not deport a gay Filipino immigrant, who may face persecution if returned to his native country.

Stoli Responds to LGBT Boycott Of Russian Products

Stoli Responds to LGBT Boycott

The SPI Group, which owns Stolichnaya Vodka, responds to a recent boycott promoted by Dan Savage and other LGBT activists.

Trans Teen Must Have Access to Male Locker Room, Says DOJ

DOJ Allows Trans Teen Access to Male Locker Room

The Department of Justice mandated that a California school district give a transgender student access to men's facilities.

Library of Congress Acquires Papers of Gay Pioneer Lilli Vincenz

Library of Congress Acquires Lesbian Pioneer's Papers

Lilli Vincenz, who recorded many of the significant events of the LGBT rights movement, donated her papers to the nation's oldest cultural institution.

Russian Church Leaders Say Gays are Causing the Apocalypse

Patriarch Kirill I of Moscow, leader of the Russian Orthodox church, says that same-sex marriage is going to trigger the end of the world.

Former Ex-Gay Supporter Apologizes to LGBT Community

Former Ex-Gay Staffer Apologizes to LGBT Community

Randy Thomas, formerly of Exodus International, issued a public apology for the damage he caused many people over the years he supported the ex-gay movement.