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Marco Rubio Making Robocalls Against Marriage Equality
November 04 2012 3:23 PM ET

Sen. Rubio Joins Anti-Marriage Equality Robocall Campaign

Trudy Ring

Rubio, an up-and-comer in the Republican Party, is participating in the National Organization for Marriage's antigay effort.

November 03 2012 2:06 PM ET

Post-Election: Congress' New Look?

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Professor Loses Fellowship For Supporting Marriage Equality
November 03 2012 1:46 PM ET

Professor Loses Fellowship For Supporting Marriage Equality

Michelle Garcia

A professor from the U.K., who was chosen for a fellowship the University of San Diego has been disinvited from the Catholic institution after administrators discovered her support of marriage equa

Newspaper Loses Subscribers Over Marriage Endorsement
November 03 2012 12:58 PM ET

Newspaper Loses Subscribers Over Marriage Endorsement

Michelle Garcia

After endorsing marriage equality, the editors of the Swift County Monitor-News in Benson, Minn., report losing a handful of subscribers. 

Baltimore Catholic Priest Takes Risk by Supporting Marriage Equality
November 02 2012 9:10 PM ET

Baltimore Catholic Priest Takes Risk, Backs Marriage Equality

Trudy Ring

Father Richard T. Lawrence told parishioners it was reasonable to approve civil marriage for gay couples — and said the church might even recognize such unions at some point.

Gay Rights Most Interesting Topic to Obama Twitter Followers in Minnesota
November 02 2012 8:20 PM ET

Obama's Twitter Followers in Minn. Most Interested in Gay Rights

Trudy Ring

Twitter analysts find that is the subject that 'most engages' Minnesotans.

Daughter of Gay Dads Thanks Obama for Supporting Marriage Equality
November 02 2012 7:40 PM ET

10-Year-Old Thanks Obama for Supporting Equality for Her Dads

Trudy Ring

One of the 10-year-old's proud fathers posted her letter on Facebook.

WATCH Lady Gaga Urge Voters to Support Marriage Equality
November 02 2012 7:00 PM ET

WATCH: Lady Gaga Gets Out the Vote for Marriage Equality

Trudy Ring

Gaga reminds voters in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington that they can weigh in on marriage equality-related measures Tuesday.

WATCH In Ad Aimed at Latinos Romney Links Obama to Controversial Figures
November 02 2012 5:45 PM ET

WATCH: Spanish-Language Romney Ad Links Obama to Controversial Figures

Trudy Ring

The ad seeks to connect Obama with Hugo Chavez, Che Guevara, and Mariela Castro — who is a prominent LGBT ally in Cuba.

WATCH Streisand Tout Obama Record on LGBT Issues
November 02 2012 3:20 PM ET

WATCH: Streisand Touts Obama's Record on LGBT Issues

Trudy Ring

In a new video, the entertainer says that's one of the reasons Obama deserves to be reelected.