9 Unexpected Places Where Pride Flags Flew During Pride Month

From small town America to Moscow, the LGBT pride flag made appearances in some awesome and unexpected places.


  UPDATED: July 02 2014 11:43 AM ET

Atop Starbucks HQ

Starubucks made a bold statement of its support of LGBT people when the company hoisted the Pride Flag high atop its corporate headquarters in Seattle, June 23, as Time magazine reported. “Given our public stance on diversity and inclusion of all people, particularly on this issue, it makes sense to raise the flag in celebration,” Executive Vice President Lucy Helm said in a statement that day day.

Over Toronto City Hall

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford previously engaged in a "flag flap" when city officials raised the Pride Flag over Toronto City Hall in support of Russia's beleaguered LGBT community during the Winter Olympics in Sochi last February.

"No, I do not agree with putting up the rainbow flag," Ford told the Toronto Sun in February. "We should put our Canadian flag up. I put my Canadian flag up in the window.”

For LGBT pride month, however, he was decidedly less vociferous about the flag being flown at City Hall.

In the American Heartland at Circle City Pride Parade

Though it's no surprise to local residents of Indianapolis, that this midwest city has a vibrant LGBT Pride parade and festival each year. But the scale and energy of pride around this Pride flag in the heart of the heartland of America are enough to impress LGBT and allied folks on both coasts.

By Iranians at Istanbul Pride

These Iranians are safer in Istanbul raising the Pride Flag in Turkey during its annual LGBT Pride festival than they would be in Tehran. Indeed, back home they would be risking their freedom and their lives by this simple act. Turkey wants to be a member of the European Union, which saw many of its member states celebrate Pride Month in big way this year. 

In Danvers, Mass.

Then there was this perhaps inadvertanty ignoble incidence of a Pride Flag replacing a POW/MIA flag in Danvers, Mass. As Boston's CBS affiliate reported, the Pride Flag was later moved to another location after public outcry. The POW/MIA flag can only be flown under the flag of the U.S., while the Pride flag has no such restrictions and can fly singularly.






CORRECTION: An earlier version of this post incorrectly labeled Istanbul as the capital city of Turkey, when Ankara is the nation's capital; Turkey is also not yet a member of the European Union. The Advocate regrets these errors.

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