Reasons for Pride: Setbacks for the Right Wing

We've celebrated marriage equality victories, transgender visibility, and more. Now we close LGBT Pride Month with a look at some significant losses for our opponents.



But we still have to watch our backs.
While homophobia and transphobia are being relegated to the margins in the U.S., they’re very much alive in the laws of some other nations, such as Russia, Uganda, Nigeria, and Brunei. Also, antigay types in the U.S. keep playing the victim card, with some, like Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, comparing LGBT activists to Nazis. And the virulently antigay minister Gordon Klingenschmitt won a state representative primary in Colorado, while a less famous but equally homophobic candidate, Susanne Atanus, won a Republican congressional primary in Illinois (but she’s up against a popular incumbent Democrat, Jan Schakowsky, in a heavily Democratic district). So the fight goes on — but we have much to be proud of in setting back the right wing in the past year.

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