How Lesbians Took Back Buffalo

How an upstate New York upstart managed to corral hundreds of queer women into an "Ambush."



Ambush at Cobblestone

Holdsworth’s Ambush movement has become so popular that bar and club owners are reaching out to her and asking to host an event. “We want to try and give business to gay-friendly places as much as we can,” she says. “And we also want to reach beyond Buffalo to neighboring cities, such as Rochester.”

What started out as simply finding an alternative bar or club to hang out at on a Friday night has become a growing brand. And the Ambush girls have high hopes for the future, which include a logo, T-shirts and other merchandise, and a variety of themed events.

“We have big plans for Pride,” says Fauth. “And I think it’s important for us to diversify, instead of just doing the bar and club scene.”

“The focus of the group will always be a monthly happy hour,” says Holdsworth. “But if [Ambush] keeps growing organically, then we will continue to grow with it. Pride is definitely something we want to be a part of. We want to create the biggest and best party we can, but we’ll have to start fund-raising for that. As a not-for-profit entity, which means we have to rely on the talents of others in the lesbian community for help and contributions.”

“Anyone can organize an Ambush community,” says Fauth. “I’m sure there are other cities like Buffalo where there’s a small lesbian community and they want to meet people.”

“Our community here in Buffalo is full of love, so if you’re ever in Buffalo, look us up,” adds Fregeaux.

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