Fab or Fail? 2013's Cultural Ups and Downs

Events that we all talked about, from Michelle Shocked to The Book of Matt, go head to head.




Fabulous: Macklemore and Mary Lambert's "Same Love"
Barely known Seattle rapper Macklemore first captured our hearts with "Same Love," an unflinching anthem heralding marriage equality and humanity toward others, backed by the lovely vocals of lesbian singer Mary Lambert. The song became an anthem during the fight to establish marriage equality in Washington State. The song hit the hip-hop charts, along with a handful of his other hits like "Thrift Shop," and "Can't Hold Us," but hearing "Same Love" was the first time many people fell in love with Macklemore.

Fail: Michelle Shocked
Punk-folk singer Michelle Shocked first told an audience at a San Francisco area jazz club that marriage equality would doom us all, to the dismay of legions of loyal LGBT fans. She continued to defend her stance, even as music venues canceled planned shows.