'Evening Under The Stars' Raises Millions for L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center

Director Roland Emmerich invited some big-name Hollywood stars over to his Los Angeles home this weekend, and together they raised $2.9 million.




The big moment of the night was the debut of a public service announcement that has already brought in thousands of views. It tells the fictional but all-too-real story of a young teen thrown out of his home when his parents discover his sexuality. The father is portrayed by actor David Millbern, producer and costar of Here TV's upcoming sitcom From HERE on OUT, and a roster of stars — Jamie Foxx, Lisa Ling, James Wood, Elton John, and David Furnish — call for donations. Center CEO Lorri Jean announced during the event — which went on to raise $2.9 million — that some of the money will go toward tripling the number of beds for homeless LGBT youth by adding a new facility for the center.

Watch the complete PSA below: