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AIDS Healthcare Foundation

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation is a Los Angeles based nonprofit organization that provides healthcare and services for people with HIV. The Advocate has all the latest news on AHF and their controversial leader Michael Weinstein, who makes headlines for his views on pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).

World's Largest AIDS Organization Just Flushed Millions Down the Toilet

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation poured $5.5 million into a Los Angeles ballot initiative that has little to do with HIV. After AHF's measure went down in flames Tuesday, the organization has some explaining to do.


Pulse Survivors March in Rose Parade

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation honored victims and survivors of the Orlando shooting in an award-winning float.

Suing Porn Stars Will Not Lead to Less HIV

A California ballot initiative would allow the public to sue adult film performers who don't use condoms. Eric Paul Leue of the Free Speech Coalition says Prop. 60 is wrongheaded and dangerous.

The Battle Over PrEP Intensifies

While some organizations are trying to offer gay and bi men more information on preventive HIV medication, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation is doing the opposite. Here's how the Los Angeles LGBT Center is fighting back.

AHF: Another Wrong Turn Fighting for Condoms in Porn

AIDS Healthcare Foundation's push to ban condomless porn in California is another misuse of funds, writes Eric Paul Leue.

AHF's Michael Weinstein Gets It Wrong (Again)

AHF's recent complaint against Gilead says less about the drug company and more about its controversial leader.

AHF's Michael Weinstein Has a New Fight... Not About HIV

His nonprofit HIV organization is spending money to limit high-rise development in L.A. Some are asking why.

AIDS Healthcare Fdn. Ads Call CDC PrEP Plan a 'Failure'

The organization claims patients don't want to take the regimen.

Leatherman Eric Paul Leue Is Out to Abolish Sexual Shame

The director for sexual health and advocacy at is a kinky leatherman from Germany, ready to (consensually) beat the internalized shame out of America. 

STUDY: Dating Apps ‘A Major Factor’ in Spread of HIV in Asia

The report from UNICEF found smartphone dating apps used by young gay men have become a major factor in the spread of HIV among teenagers in Asia.


Grindr, Tinder Furious With STD Billboards in L.A.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation has plastered bus benches and billboards with messaging that connects the dating apps to STDs.


Can a Blockbuster Help End a Black HIV Crisis?

One of the summer's biggest hits, Straight Outta Compton, had an important message about HIV awareness. But did audiences take it in?

How PrEP Is Being Blocked By Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy and deliberate attempts to block prevention techniques are slowing down Los Angeles’s ability to disseminate PrEP.

AIDS Org. Made Men Over 40 Pay to Attend Pool Party

Impulse Group South Florida is under fire for a recent event that let young men in for free, while charging $50 to anyone over the age of 40.

Why Michael Weinstein Is Blamed for PrEP Myths

Michael Weinstein was a pioneer in fighting the stigma around HIV since the early 1980s. So why are people so upset with his activism these days?