WATCH: Jeffrey: The Series Episode 3

WATCH: Jeffrey: The Series Episode 3

Jeffrey has left behind his aspirations of blogging his way to boy-band superstardom, and is on his way to fashion fabulousness in the latest installment of his animated adventures.

After all, if this 55-year-old overweight gay man in the midst of a midlife crisis is going to seize his destiny and become the entertainment phenomenon he was born to be, he’s going to need to nail the perfect look first.

As the boy-band gonna-be himself points out: “There’s only one thing missing from my wardrobe. Clothes that don’t make me look my age (or older). Ha! You wait, world. I know where I’m shopping and what I’m shopping for! Hope I’m not too stunning! Oh, who am I kidding! Glamor is my middle name!”

Watch Jeffrey: The Series episode 3 below.

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