WATCH: Jeffrey: The Series Episode 2

WATCH: Jeffrey: The Series Episode 2

Jeffrey, the 55-year-old, overweight gay man in the midst of a midlife crisis who is singlehandedly redefining fabulous is back with another animated adventure.

He may have gotten off on the wrong foot when he stepped out to make his grand debut last week by attempting to keep a diary (unless you’re Anais Nin, who reads them?), but this time he’s certain he’s found the right path to becoming the next boy-band superstar — by blogging.

As Jeffrey himself points out:

It’s all about "blogging" and Episode 2 finds me doing just that! I'm jumping in feet first, ready to BLOG with the best (and worst) of them. The depth of that social media pool is of no concern, I’ve got plenty of buoyancy.  Age be damned, I'm sharing my journey into boy band fabulousness one blog at a time! (You have been warned)
Boy Band Gonna-Be

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