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EXCLUSIVE: Watch the Season Finale of Trans Web Series Brothers

EXCLUSIVE: Watch the Season Finale of Trans Web Series Brothers


Desire! Betrayal! Top surgery fundraisers! Grab your popcorn and catch the season finale of this trailblazing Web series about the lives of four trans male friends.

In the half-year since Brothers debuted, the Web series has continually broken new ground for trans male visibility and casting in a scripted show. But accolades are not what the show's out trans creator and director, Emmett Lundberg, says have made the season worth it: It's the fans.

"This is one of the many amazing messages we received," he shares with The Advocate, saying it brought tears to his eyes:

I'm a 15 year old trans boy, and an actor, and as both of those things I just wanted to let you know how important the work you guys are doing is. It means the world to me to be able to watch a series and actually connect with the characters on a level that goes this deep. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thanks to Brothers, young viewers, who draw on the Internet for more and more of their media and entertainment, can grow up seeing authentic portrayals of urban, millennial trans men. Thousands of viewers, young and old, have already tuned in to follow the fictional exploits of Jack, Davyn, Max, and Aiden, four trans masculine friends living in New York City.

In its first seven episodes, Brothers has given audiences intimate slices of life that are at once unique to each character and yet resonant with the experiences of countless trans men. Over the season, Lundberg has also given The Advocate's readers insider insights into the casting process and behind-the-scenes looks at life on the set.

Now coming full circle, six months after The Advocate first broke the story of this pioneering show, Lundberg offers one final exclusive: the premiere of the season finale, included below. Sitting down with us on the eve of its airing, Lundberg admits he'd love to create another season -- and resolve this season's compelling cliffhanger! -- if he's able to procure financial support.

No matter what happens, he says, the response to the show has been beyond what he could have ever imagined. "I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to produce a piece of work that elicits authentic emotional responses in the audience. That is the ultimate reward."

Check out Brothers Episode 8 below.

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