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PHOTOS: Where Is the Romance?

PHOTOS: Where Is the Romance?


Photographer Braden Summers had an epiphany when his boyfriend asked him why he didn't shoot his signature romantic portraits of LGBT people.

In the video below, photographer Braden Summers tells how he came to believe that there is a dearth of romantic imagery for same-sex couples. He wants to remedy that, and by looking at the examples on the following pages, he seems to have the chops for the task.

Summers set up a Kickstarter page, and now the project is on. Here's what he says:
"ALL LOVE IS EQUAL is a photography campaign that illustrates one perspective on what love and romance within the gay community could look like in a future, more accepting time. The images focus on culturally diverse couples and locations to emphasize the dream; the aspiration of finding acceptance for gay and lesbian couples globally. From the perspective of the media and high-end advertising, it might appear that the western world is largely pushing for gay marriage equality while other countries fight to prevent couples from ending up in jail after a public exchange of affection. This campaign goes beyond the current fundamental differences of what gay rights look like in different cultures and attempts to normalize the presence of gay and lesbian couples everywhere. There is a lack of hopeful, romantic, dreamy visuals to communicate the love that exists in this community. The photographs will be relatable to the general public by being images of exaggerated beauty first, and illustrations of gay and lesbian couples second; work you won't want to look away from."

Summers's Web page
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For more of Braden Summers's work click through on the folowing pages. >>>










Summers's Web page
Donate here

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