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Artist Spotlight

As art holds an essential place in the LGBT community, The Advocate strives to shine a light on the work of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender artists who are moving the cultural needle within the artists spotlight section. Discover slideshows from gay art openings across the world with mediums that range from photographs, to oils, to sculpture, and more. Read interviews and profiles of contemporary artists who portray LGBT history, sex, culture, and politics within their works. Browse through the artist spotlight and other sections that celebrate gay culture.

Monkman uses painting, sculpture, video, and awesome drag to settle a few scores. His work is hilarious and chilling all at once.

November 27 2020 3:58 PM

From jazz and blues to pop and folk, these young LGBTQ artists are breaking ground across an ever-changing landscape. And they’ve only just begun. 

April 23 2020 6:00 AM

"Ocean’s 8,” the Sandra Bullock-led, all-female spinoff of “Ocean’s Eleven” has opened to $41.5 million from 4,145 screens.

June 11 2018 4:46 PM