Creek to feature kiss, not a peck

This year’s long-awaited boy-boy kiss on Dawson’s Creek between restless teens Jack (Kerr Smith) and Tobey (David Monahan) is definitely not going to be like last year’s hurried peck, says USA Today. Scott Seomin of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation says, “I timed it. It’s like a 5 1/2-second mouth-to-mouth kiss. We haven’t seen anything like this before on network TV.” The gesture promises to provoke a response from the usual quarters. Heather Cirmo of the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C., states “The first kiss was disturbing enough,” and she voices a fear that this year’s smooch will damage “impressionable teens who have questions about their sexuality by promoting a myth that homosexuality is something you’re born with.” Greg Berlanti, executive producer of the show, responds, “It’s certainly not a myth, and I think a lot of kids out there deserve to see positive images of who and what they are. I watched millions of teenagers kiss on TV growing up, and it didn’t make me straight.” The episode airs Wednesday night, May 2 (check local listings).

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