Tom Cruise sues again

For the second time in two months, Tom Cruise has filed a $100 million lawsuit against someone he says is spreading rumors that he’s had gay relationships, the New York Daily News reports. This time around Cruise is suing Michael Davis, the publisher of Bold, a Los Angeles–based magazine. Cruise alleges that Davis sent a dozen news organizations copies of an anonymous letter about how the star had had a gay fling, which was captured on videotape. The letter was sent to CNN, The Howard Stern Radio Show, and other media outlets. Last month Davis offered $500,000 to anyone who could produce a photo or video proving that Cruise is gay, all supposedly to help Cruise debunk the rumors. But Bert Fields, Cruise’s lawyer, said Davis is a limelight-seeker who is hiding behind the First Amendment. “Why did he do that?” Fields asked. “Do you think he wanted to get publicity?” The gay charges are “hogwash,” Fields said. By suing, “Tom is basically protecting his children. He doesn’t want this out there. It’s false and humiliating to them. There is no tape,” Fields said. “These people, for money or publicity, insist upon [spreading stories], and every time they do this, he’ll sue them.”

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