Madonna’s taste in art proves controversial, even in her own house

The New York Post reports that one of Madonna’s favorite pictures, a painting by bisexual artist Frida Kahlo titled My Birth, which graphically shows a child emerging from its mother’s body, is giving the creeps to husband Guy Ritchie (Snatch). Madonna acquired the piece 10 years ago and has shuttled it between her New York and Los Angeles homes ever since. Ritchie is apparently asking that the explicit picture not be so prominent; there have even been claims on a British gossip Web site that the thing gives daughter Lourdes nightmares. Liz Rosenberg, Madonna’s rep, says the story is “ridiculous,” especially since Madonna has “exposed her daughter to many forms of art since she was very, very young.” Rosenberg went on to explain that “it is a beautiful work of art” and is simply a manifestation of Madonna’s fascination with the philosophy and life of Frida Kahlo.

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