Stephen Fry to
codirect movie about math genius

Out actor (V
for Vendetta
) and filmmaker (Bright Young
) Stephen Fry will codirect a film about one
of the 20th century's greatest mathematicians. BBC News
reports that Fry and Indian director Dev Benegal will
collaborate on the screen biography of Srinavasa
Ramanujan, a college dropout whose radical
mathematical theorems astonished Cambridge University
professors in the early 1900s. "For me, Ramanujan's
work and ideas are the DNA of what powers digital
technology today," says Benegal. "When your automated
teller machines divide and arrange your money before
coughing it up, they are all using Ramanujan's
partition theory." Fry and Benegal are searching for a
leading man and will begin scouting locations in Delhi
later this month. (The Advocate)

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