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10. FILM: Bridegroom

In 2011, Tom Bridegroom (above right), 29, accidentally fell off a roof and died. His untimely death sparked a chain of events that led his partner of more than five years, Shane Bitney Crone (above left), to create a YouTube video that chronicled the legal and social barriers that prevented him from attending the funeral of the man he loved. And that YouTube video inspired this film. Due to popular demand, Bridegroom the documentary is adding screenings at Outfest in Los Angeles this weekend. This is the film that former president Bill Clinton famously introduced at its premiere, saying, "This is really on one level a wonderful, sad, heartbreaking, yet exhilarating and life-affirming story, and on another level, it's a story about our nation's struggle to make one more step in forming a more perfect union." It's already the winner of Tribeca's Heineken Audience Award and clearly picking up more buzz. The next screening is Sunday at 4 p.m. at the Director’s Guild of America in Hollywood. (Find ticket information here.)


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