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I Advocate... Daniel Nardicio

I Advocate... Daniel Nardicio

...Move Your Money. I think the banks are evil incarnate, and I avoid corporations at all costs, so I found this bank that helps you locate smaller, community banks that help your neighborhood, not suck the money out of it (and you). It sounds silly, but I even feel like the bank tellers have my back!

...4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. I know it's pretty popular, so most people know about it, but this book changed the way I think about working. I am a Midwestern guy at heart, so it was work to get me to stop working hard, and work smart. Plus there's a whole chapter about losing your cell phone, and an information diet!

...New Orleans. Having traveled a lot for work and pleasure over the years, I fell instantly in love with New Orleans and immediately bought a house there. Surprisingly a lot of my friends haven't been, so I take people all the time. It's tranquil, great for biking around, and still pretty cheap, plus you're helping out a recuperating community by spending money there. Avoid Bourbon Street and go to Frenchmen Street instead -- it has the oldest gay bookstore in the South there!

...Dr. Hauschka Skin Care. When I was 28 and living in Berlin, a woman came to me and said, "Now it's time to get you on Dr. Hauschka products," and that's just what I did. They are expensive as hell, but oh, so worth it. The rejuvenating mask is the one product I've ever used where right after people look at me and say, "Girl, did you have something done?"

...Cherry Grove, Fire Island. Forget the Pines, the Grove is where it's at on Fire Island these days. It's totally diverse, kooky, and as we like to say "a town of 2,000 characters played by 200 people." My money is on the Grove long-term, as the owners of the Pines try to turn it into the Hamptons, the Grove is staying the same -- the lesbians wont have it any other way!

...Ali Forney Center/Sylvia's Place. What a better gift than to give to LGBTQ homeless youth? These kids will literally be us in 10 years, and I'm lucky enough to know both of these organizations, and they are in it for all the right reasons.

...BARC Animal Shelter. I think it's a shame to get a dog from a breeder when so many are put to death each year, so I love the BARC (Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition), which is a gay-owned no-kill shelter. I got both my cats (Poppers and Anderson Cooper, named so because he loves to sleep in the closet) there, and I volunteer to walk dogs, which is a great way to exercise a dog and spend a great afternoon. Plus you can see if you're compatible with a potential pet. All proceeds from purchasing food helps keep the shelter going.

...Chatroulette. I love the randomness of Chatroulette. Whether getting heckled by straight dudes or naked guys dancing to Lady Gaga -- it's a hilarious way to spend a rainy night. I happened upon it a while back and had such a blast, I had to be a part I liked it, so much I created my own on my new site,, which will be debuting June 15!
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