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People to Watch in 2015

Kayce Brown And Sara Medd 0

Kayce Brown and Sara Medd
Subscription-delivery services have been growing in popularity lately, and Kayce Brown and Sara Medd are leading the queer vanguard. Their Greyscale Goods company just surpassed its Kickstarter goals and is on-track to launch in 2015, offering customers a monthly box of the best androgynous clothing. Greyscale seeks to end the divide between the men's department and women's department at clothing stores by providing awesome gender-neutral apparel.


Shane Shell And Christopher Bratten 0

Christopher Bratten and Shane Schell
Shane and Christopher are the co-creators of For the Record, a live show that pays tribute to the soundtracks of our favorite films. For each show, they pick a director, and then present "songs and scenes inspired by the films" of that auteur, complete with an all-star cast. So far they've covered Garry and Penny Marshall, The Coen Brothers, John Hughes, Tarantino, and more. We're looking forward to the day they honor Robert Altman, mostly because we want to see Sutton Foster sing "He's Large" from Popeye.


Louis Virtel
Louis Virtel is basically gay president of pop culture comedy, possessing the rare ability to make you laugh at a reference even if you have no idea what he's referencing. (You don't need to know anything about music to know that "Bing Crosby is our greatest singer who sounds like gay Dracula" is funny.) And even better, he's a smart cookie who marries encyclopedic knowledge with a huge throbbing brain to make you say "I wish I'd thought of that" after his every sentence. In the coming year, he'll continue his marvelous two shows, The Snap and But What I Really Want to Know Is..., while also lining up more standup gigs. And keep an ear to the ground for more news soon — Virtel plans to dive into podcasting in the next year.


Maggie Keenan BolgerX633

Maggie Keenan-Bolger
She's an actress! She's a playwright! She's a sex educator! There's seemingly nothing that MKB can't do with aplomb, and these days this student of queer and feminist studies is turning heads with her shows From the Inside, Out and Her Train of Thought. She also recently released Queering History, a fantastic journey through our shared — and often overlooked — history. 


Harry Hains 0

Harry Hains
He's more than just a chiseled pouting face. (Although isn't that enough?) Harry Haines is an up-and-coming actor with a few indie credits under his belt and more greatness on the horizon: keep an eye out for him in 2015's The Surface and Nowhereland. Naturally, he's a Ford model, by which we mean he's appearing in high-end fashion spreads, not that he's an F-150 pickup truck.


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