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People to Watch in 2015

Steven Reigns 0

Steven Reigns
The first City Poet of West Hollywood, Steven Reigns is also responsible for a very moving art exhibit called The Gay Rub, for which he traveled the world to create charcoal rubbings of queer-related plaques and gravestones. The exhibit is touring the country in 2015, starting in North Carolina. He's also releasing a series of books about his performance art events, entitled 3-Pack Jack; and he teaches the only class in the country on autobiographical poetry for LGBT seniors. Keep an eye out for his traveling exhibit of rubbings, as well as readings around the country throughout 2015. 


Weshurley 0

Wes Hurley
Creator of the otherworldly web show Capitol Hill, Wes Hurley will be bringing us Season 2 of the series in 2015, featuring appearances by Jinkx Monsoon. He's also hard at work on an autobiographical feature entitled Potato Dreams of America, about growing up gay in the Soviet Union during Perestroika and escaping to the U.S. with his mail-order-bride mother. His previous projects include a strange drag queen fairy tale called Waxie Moon in Fallen Angel, the and campy-porn adventure James Bondage in Double O Sexy, so we can't wait to see what he has up his sleeve next.

Spookeedoo 0
Nothing to see here but hot gay yiffing porn. Spookeedoo is one of the the furry fandom's most reliably sexy artists, featuring big beefy musclebears, musclewolves, and muscleorcs. His work's explicit, sweaty, and more adventurous than anything you'll find in mainstream erotica. 


Isaac Oliver  0

Isaac Oliver
Isaac Oliver's first book, Intimacy Idiot, comes out in 2015, and is a collection of delightful essays about his misadventures as "an extremely single gay man" in New York. You might know Oliver from the How I Learned Series or On This Island. And if you don't, you're probably about to.


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