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Orlando Cruz on His Biggest Fight Yet

Coming out certainly changed him, but will it change the sport of boxing?

Will We Evolve Too

Gaining wider acceptance for LGBT rights often means supporting causes that disproportionately affect other minority communities. Can we collectively look beyond issues important to white people?

Michael Urie: Partner Benefits

After an acclaimed turn on the stage, Michael Urie returns to series television with Partners, a sharp new comedy from the creators of Will & Grace.

Crew's Control: Meet the Brand's Out Creative Director

With guidance from a newly out creative director, J. Crew works to update its staid image.

Alison Bechdel Inside Her Head

The lesbian author says of a new book about her mom: "I think people who are well-adjusted are not going to be interested in this story."

Lesbian Bands Hear Them Roar

Hear them roar. Many of today's queer female bands are grappling with their riot grrrl legacy.

Ones to Watch

Six LGBT acts you need to know about now.

Guillermo Diaz Pinup Boy

Actor Guillermo Diaz bares his soul and more as he takes on yet another dangerous character in the new series Scandal.

What a 60s Mixed Race Marriage Case Says About the Present

The parallels between the landmark 1967 Supreme Court case Loving v. Virginia and the fight for marriage equality today are undeniable.

Holy Moly Man Kevin Smith


Welcome to Queer (Roving) Eye for the Monogamous Straight Couple Lie, brought to you in part by writer Dan Savage, who coined the term monogamish to signify committed relationships in which the partners are, he explains, “mostly monogamous, but there’s a little allowance for the reality of desire for others and a variety of experiences and adventure and possibility.”

The Promised Land