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Gay-Basher Kathryn Knott's Chance to Get Out of Jail

After being sentenced to five to 10 months in jail for a vicious attack on a gay couple, Kathryn Knott thinks she's earned a do-over, and a judge is now willing to listen.

She Says KFC Hired Her, Then Fired Her Because She's Trans

Georgia Carter, 27, says the manager of the fast food joint in her town fired her within an hour of hiring her after learning she's transgender.

'Jealous' Lover Accused of Stabbing Gay Man's Dog to Death

Randy Capehart, also known as Vin Nolan, was in Houston when his boyfriend allegedly killed his dog in a Manhattan park full of children.

Michigan Pastor Sleeps Outdoors to Protest Church's Stance on LGBT Rights

A Methodist minister is sleeping outdoors in Michigan's bitter cold in a demonstration against his church elders' stance on LGBT people.

Candidate's New Ad Isn't Afraid of Same-Sex Marriage

The Pennsylvania mayor is touting his actions in a new campaign ad.

Star Wars May Have a Gay Romance After All

Actor John Boyega (left) is changing his tune on whether Poe and Finn might become a couple.

Adidas Encourages Star Athletes to Come Out

The sportswear company is adding a new clause to contracts with star athletes that specifies coming out won't affect the endorsement deal.

Icelandic Glacial Water Gives Classic Ad a Gay Update

The new commercial reimagines the iconic 90's Diet Coke ad with an inclusive theme.

Gay Teacher Fired After Hacker Leaks Private Sex Tape

The teacher alleges a hacker swiped the video out of his Dropbox account and posted it to the school's website.

Dallas Judge Defends Refusal to Marry Gay Couples

A Dallas judge who said he would refuse to marry same-sex couples is defending his stance in the face of controversy.

WATCH: Gay-Bashing Victim's Message of Hope

A San Francisco man who says he was attacked for wearing white pants has a message of love to share.

Texas Updates Trans Prisoner Policies

Transgender prisoners who started hormone therapy before going to prison can now go through a process to start hormone therapy.

Tenn. City Official Accused of Gay Prostitution on the Job

A Tennessee man is on administrative leave after authorities discovered he was allegedly leaving work to have sex with men for money.

You Can Play a Gay Superhero in Lego/Marvel Game

Lego's new Marvel Avengers videogame allows players to be either Wiccan or Hulkling.

Their Prayers Answered: TLC Bringing Back the Duggars

Despite multiple incest and prostitution scandals, the network says it has faith in the Duggars because 'real things happen' to 'real people.'

Dad Arrested for Chasing Daughter With Knife After She Came Out

A Tennessee man was arrested for threatening to kill his daughter and her girlfriend.

Single-Stall Restrooms Could Go Gender-Neutral in Calif.

A San Francisco Democrat has introduced legislation that would require all single-stall restrooms in the state to be available to people of all genders. 

Mom Sues School, Says Teacher Threatened to Kill Gay Son

An Oregon mother is suing her son's school district, claiming a teacher threatened him with violence.

WATCH: Mike Huckabee's Adele Parody Is Iowinsane

Mike Huckabee's presidential campaign released an Iowa-themed parody video of Adele's 'Hello' that'll make you want to say 'Goodbye.'

NYC Council Member Comes Out on Twitter

Bronx City Councilman James Vacca came out via Twitter on Friday with a Golden Girls joke.