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Bil Browning

After being sentenced to five to 10 months in jail for a vicious attack on a gay couple, Kathryn Knott thinks she's earned a do-over, and a judge is now willing to listen.

March 01 2016 6:18 PM

Georgia Carter, 27, says the manager of the fast food joint in her town fired her within an hour of hiring her after learning she's transgender.

February 29 2016 9:31 AM

Randy Capehart, also known as Vin Nolan, was in Houston when his boyfriend allegedly killed his dog in a Manhattan park full of children.

February 23 2016 9:19 AM

A Methodist minister is sleeping outdoors in Michigan's bitter cold in a demonstration against his church elders' stance on LGBT people.

February 22 2016 9:01 AM

The Pennsylvania mayor is touting his actions in a new campaign ad.

February 19 2016 11:45 AM

Actor John Boyega (left) is changing his tune on whether Poe and Finn might become a couple.

February 17 2016 8:55 AM

The sportswear company is adding a new clause to contracts with star athletes that specifies coming out won't affect the endorsement deal.

February 15 2016 11:42 PM