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Former NY Gov Eliot Spitzer Is Never Going Back to Chick Fil A

"I used to love Chick-Fil-A," Spitzer said. "Their sandwiches were great. Their lemonade was amazing. I'm never going back."

Foods That Tony Perkins Cannot Eat

Antigay activists would only be eating their words if they attempted to boycott every pro-LGBT food and beverage company.

Idaho Bar Boycotts PepsiCo, MillerCoors For Supporting LGBT Group

The business' owners say these companies' participation in the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce promotes a "political stance" it doesn't like.

Cow Appreciation Day Protests Underway In Florida

Marriage equality advocates attend Chick-Fil-A's annual giveaway.

153 of the Most LGBT Friendly Hospitals

Which hospitals are truly the best when it comes to caring for LGBT patients?